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DA5000 PRO MG/100ML BAC Display Digital Breathalyser

DA5000 PRO MG/100ML BAC Display Digital Breathalyser

Each DA5000 breathalyser is supplied with full presentation box, battery, user manual, 6 mouth pieces & carry case with strap.

Key features of the DA5000 digital breathalyser:
•Upgraded firewire for even greater accuracy
•Latest model DA5000 alcohol breath tester
•User changeable sensor module.
•Clip in clip out service.
•CE RoHs certified
• Alarm set at 0.05%BAC equivalent
• Displays MG/100ML
• Range 000 TO 400 MG/100ML BAC
• New oxide semiconductor Japanese sensor with 25% greater specificity
• Display 3 digit LED
• Sensor accuracy: +/- 010MG at 100MG BAC
• Test number counter
• Rapid multi-testing
• Auto power-off
• 1 year warranty

Ideal screening breathalyser for business users, healthcare and individuals.

Low cost mouth pieces in packs of 50 make this an ideal on site screening breathalyser. Easy to read HSE level displays 020, Scotland 050, UK 080 mg/100ml BAC
The mouth pieces are reusable if purchase is for personal use. If buying for company, school or healthcare use or for testing more than one individual, then use a new mouthpiece for each individual and then discard mouthpiece.
add additional mouth piece covers, spare sensors & batteries if required.
See also AL6000 digital breathalyser

Price: 42.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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