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AL6000 mg/L Digital Breathalyser

AL6000 mg/L Digital Breathalyser

AL6000 displays mg/L Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC)
The latest model AL-6000 digital breathalyzer with interchangable SEMICON sensor modules.
Silver model is supplied with display breath alcohol in mg/L
AL6000 breathalyzer offers the latest in cutting-edge breath alcohol sensing technology as well as powerful and convenient features to ensure the highest accuracy.
AL6000 breathalyser indicates to user when replacement sensor module should be fitted.
Premium EU model offering professional accurate test results displys in mg/l BrAc alarm set at 0.22mg/l (New Scottish Legal Limit)
User changeable sensor modules ~simply clip out and clip in new sensor- no sending for calibration services.

Key features:
• FDA / CE / ROHS / DOT / AS Mark
• DOT/NTHSA Approved
• Meets US Coast Guard Requirements
• The AL6000 is calibrated in mg/L.
• User manual, hand strap, carry pouch, 2 AA batteries & 5 professional one-way air mouthpiece supplied with each starter pack
• Deep-lung air sampling with pressure sensor tecnology system
• Test counter displays total tests performed.
• Auto Power-Off
• BATT LOW indicator
• READY indicator
• Robust design with easy to change sensors.
• 1 year warranty

The UK limit shows as 0.35 , Scotland & France and many parts of EU limits are 0.22mg/L. Some parts of EU have even lower level. Check for the country you are visiting.
The alarm on the AL6000 is set to go off at the EU limit of 0.22

Sold on some sites as the "Digi-Pro" or AL6000 prestige, pro or professional
See also AL7000 digital breathalyser

Price: 49.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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