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AlcoDigital Platinum Fuel Cell Breathalyser

AlcoDigital Platinum Fuel Cell Breathalyser

The only fuel cell breathalyser currently with changeable sensor modules. This means you change the sensor module when the calibration of the cell is lost and do not need to send the breathalyser away for service.
High accuracy and specificity for alcohol (±0.005 %BAC at 0.050 %BAC equivalent)
Fast warm up and test results
Takes our standard and professional mouthpieces.
Manufactured by leading breathalyser company Sentech.

Key features:
• Professional quality fuel cell breathalyser
• Digital LCD display
• Replaceable fuel cell sensor
• Compact design
• High accuracy
• Reliable and robust

• Hard storage case
• AlcoDigital Platinum Breathalyser
• 5 mouthpieces
• Batteries

Price: 179.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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