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Help choosing a breathalyser

Important Infromation

It is important to remember that alcohol levels can continue to rise after you have consumed alcohol, and that the levels may continue to rise after you have performed a breath alcohol test. Any alcohol in the blood impairs an individuals ability to perform a task and increases the chances of having an accident. In view of this if any alcohol is detected by the breathalyser, even if the colour change indicates that the level is low, we advise that the individual should not drive or operate machinery.

Recommended breathalysers

Value Breathalysers is the UK's largest fully independent provider of digital breath alcohol equipment to the professional, healthcare and business sector. We are not tied to any brand or manufacturer, so breathalyser models in our recommended digital breathalysers list have to earn their place based on technical innovation, value and performance.

Technical Support

If you require technical support or advice on which breathalyser would best suit your needs, please email your enquiry to us at customerservices@accessdiagnostics.co.uk or give us a call during office hours on 01263 731 168 or check out the Breathalyser FAQ's

Customer services

We believe in offering great customer service both before and after your purchase. We pride ourselves on our service, and aim to treat both our retail and business customers, as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Advice on choosing the best digital breathalyser to buy

Which Digital Breathalyser ?

There are many digital breathalyser models to choose from and choosing which breathalyser is right for you can sometimes be confusing.

If you are shopping for a breathalyser with a set budget

We have selected and carefully chosen the digital breathalysers in the price ranges £50 to £80 . All these breathalysers have earned their place on our site based on recommendations, performance and value for money.

A basic guide to getting what you need from your breathalyser

Accuracy-always go for mouthpieces

Accuracy-always go for mouthpieces

Digital breathalysers that don't use mouth pieces are not as accurate as breathalysers which do use mouthpieces, so are advice would be to always choose a digital breathalyser with mouthpieces. Cheaper, open aperture or "blow hole" breathalysers offer low cost testing, with no mouthpieces to replace, but by not measuring pure deep lung breath they will never give as accurate results as sealed tube breathalysers.
Digital breathalyzers with mouthpieces


Look for semicon or Prism sensors in the latest digital breathalyser models. Both sensors offer a major improvement in reliability and alcohol selectivity over older KOIST sensor models. For even greater accuracy opt for a fuel cell sensor breathalyser


All digital breathalysers will need re-calibrating every 300-700 tests (average 6-9 months) Modern breathalysers have user changeable pre-calibrated breathalyser sensors,avoiding the need to send the breathalyzer back for a calibration service. In our opinion this is a major advantage to you the customer. Models such as the DA5000, AL7000, & AL6000 all offer this feature, and will also tell the user when the sensor needs replacing.


The auto diagnostics ensure the breathalyser sensor is working, calibrated and is giving accurate readings. If you are buying a digital breathalyser for under £35 it is not usually worth having it serviced, as it is normally cheaper to replace the breathalyzer, when it loses its accuracy.

Breathalyser reviews

If you are would like more information check out our breathalyser reviews

We're here to help

Need more advice on choosing a breathalyser ?

If you are still unsure give us a call on 01263 731 168 during office hours Monday to Friday 9am -4.30pm or e-mail customerservices@accessdiagnostic.co.uk. We're here to help

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