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Technical Support

If you require technical support or advice on breathalyser sensors for the AL6000, the AL7000 or the DA5000 digital breathalyser, then you have come to the right place.
Buy replacement breathalyser sensor modules for AL6000, AL7000 & DA5000 digital breathalysers online

Choosing the correct type of replacement breathalyzer sensor module

Which replacement sensor to choose for your breathalyser can sometimes be tricky as they are now available in 2 different types of display settings.Breathalyser sensors

Which digital breathalyser do you have?

It is important that you select the correct sensor for your breathalyzer or the breathalyser will not work. We stock replacement sensors for the following digital breathalysers:

How often should the breathalyzer sensor be changed ?

To maintain the accuracy of the breathalyser readings, the sensor should be changed every 15--200 tests or every 6 months, on the AL6000 , AL7000 and DA5000 breathalysers depening on the type of use.

There may also be other situations where the breathalyser sensor will need changing more often, for example if being used by heavy smokers. The tar from cigarettes can clog up the sensor, if it being used to regularly test smokers.

How do I know if my breathalyser sensor needs changing?

The following may be indications that you're breathalyser sensor needs replacing :
• If the readings that you are getting with your breathalyser seem inconsistent, it is a sign that the breathalyser sensor needs changing. If in doubt it is better to change the sensor.
• If the breathalyser displays Sen, or CAL this indicates a sensor failure and the sensor should be replaced.
• If the breathalyser cycles through the countdown, but refuses to sample and give a reading, this indicates the sensor should be replaced.

Which type of breathalyser sensor should I choose mg/l or %BAC ?

A mg/l (milliigrams per litre ) breathalyser sensor displays breath alcohol concentrations directly.
A %BAC breathalyser sensor converts the breath alcohol reading into an equivalent blood equivalent concentration, and displays this reading.

For the AL7000 and AL6000 breathalyzers both type of sensors are available, but in the case of the AL6000 the breathalyser is factory set to either BAC or mg/l display, and so the correct replacement sensor must be fitted.

How do I know if my breathalyser displays BAC or mg/l ?

The units that the breathalyser displays should come up on the screen of the breathalyser each time the breathalyser displays a measurement.
Which sensor for the AL7000 breathalyser ?

Which sensor for the AL7000 breathalyser ?

The AL7000 breathalyser give you the option to use either of the sensor displays with each sensor change, so you can buy either display setting sensor, and it will work in your AL7000 breathalyzer. Buy replacement sensor module for the AL7000 digital breathalyser
Which sensor for the AL6000 breathalyser ?

Which sensor for the AL6000 breathalyser ?

AL6000 breathalysers are factory set to a display so you must stick to the correct sensor display which matches your breathalyser. If you have a %BAC model you can only fit %BAC sensors. If you have a mg/l model you must buy a mg/l sensor. Buy replacement sensor module for the AL6000 digital breathalyser
NB Some of the older models of the AL6000 breathalyser take a green sensor as shown in the picture to the right. This green sensor is no longer available as and so it unlikely you will be able to find one to fit. The newer red sensors are not suitable for older models of the AL6000, and so if you have one of the old models of the AL6000 with the green sensor, you would be best to buy a new AL6000 digital breathalyser.
Which sensor for the DA5000 breathalyser ?

Which sensor for the DA5000 breathalyser ?

DA5000 breathalysers are factory set to display %BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) equivalents and so can only take DA5000 %BAC sensors.
Replacement %BAC sensor module for the DA5000 digital breathalyser

We're here to help

Need more advice on choosing a replacement breathalyser sensor or breathalyser?

If you are still unsure check out our FAQ section or give us a call on 01263 731 168 during office hours Monday to Friday 8.30am -4.30pm or e-mail customerservices@accessdiagnostics.co.uk. We're here to help.

We believe in offering great customer service both before and after your purchase, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries..

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