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Breathalysers for Scotland

Fast dispatch from UK stock

All the breathalysers listed in this section offer accurate, simple, quick and reliable alcohol testing. All breathalysers for Scotland shown as in stock are available for immediate dispatch from stock and special express next day delivery if required. If the item shows as out of stock please e-mail us for information.

The Scottish legislation lowering the drink drive limit from 0.08% BAC to the 0.05% BAC limit came into effect on 14th December 2014.

Recommended single use & digital alcohol breathalysers for Scotland from Value Breathalysers

High accuracy breathalysers all set to the new Scottish drink drive limit offer reliable fast testing for those requiring consitently high levels of test results. These breathalysers are used widely throughout healthcare and business users world wide, and offer comprehensive international certifications including CE & FDA.

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