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Below are some frequently asked questions about choosing a breathalyser that you may find helpful

We are here to help you choose which breathalyzer best suits your needs.

What is the blood alcohol limit in the UK?

The blood alcohol limit if you are on a normal driving license for all of the UK except Scotland is 80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres, 80mg/ml, 0.08 BAC, 0.8 Promille.

What is the blood alcohol limit in Scotland?

In 2014 the Scottish parliament lowered the drink drive prosecution levels in Scotland.
The blood alcohol limit, if you are on a normal driving license, for Scotland is 50 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres, 50mg/ml, 0.05 BAC, 0.5 Promille.
Breathalysers for Scotland

What is the blood alcohol limit in the rest of Europe ?

The blood alcohol limits across the rest of Europe vary from country to country with most except the UK being 0.05% BAC or lower. Some operate a different level for newly qualified drivers, some operate zero tolerance, and some have stiffer penalties depending how high ther blood alcohol level is.
More information on drink drive levels by country

Question-Which is the best breathalyzer to buy ?

The answer depends on what you using it for. You may find the answer in the breathalyser FAQ's below. If you are still unsure which of our breathalysers best suits your requirments please call our customer services on 01263 731 168 during office hours Monday to Friday 9am -4.00pm or e-mail us

Question-Best digital breathalyzer to buy for 2017

Which is the best digital breathalyzer to buy ?
We are frequently asked this question particularly on the run up to Christmas & new year as a personal breathalyser can be a popular gift choice for dads and boyfriends.
This year the latest model AL7000 digital breathalyzer is in our opinion the best personal digital breathalyzer to buy. Click on the link to find out why. It is one of our best selling digital breathalyzers and is also a popular choice with businesses wishing to screen their employees.
Click on the link to find out why the AL7000 is one of our best selling digital breathalyzers, and is also a popular choice with businesses, wishing to screen their employees. Breathalyser reviews including AL7000

Question-Best value personal digital breathalyzer to buy for under £50?

I want to spend around £50 maximum. Which is the best value for money digital breathalyzer to buy for 2017 ?
This year the latest model DA5000 digital breathalyzer was for the third year running in our opinion the best value personal digital breathalyzer to buy.

Question-Is it necessary to purchase a mouthpiece for your disposable breathalyzers?

Answer-The disposable alcohol breathalyzer kits are complete ie they do not require any additional mouthpieces

Question-I need a breathalyser kit that measures a breath alcohol content BAC of 0.05 for France

Answer: This is a common question due to the requirement in France that drivers carry breathalyzer kits in their cars. The single use disposable breathalyzer kits that are set to 0.05 % BAC ( EU driving limit for most countries within EU) should be suitable for this.

Question-Most reliable & accurate breathalyzer to use for self testing ?

"I want a breathalyser for self testing with reliable accuracy which one would you advise ? "
Answer: Have a look at these digital breathalyzers which should all meet your requirements for under £80 :
If your budget is greater consider the AlcoDigital Platinum Fuel Cell Breathalyser at £179.95

Question-Best digital breathalyzer for onsite business screening ?

"I need a high accuracy consumer digital breathalyser or a digital breathalyser for front line business alcohol screening"
Answer See our digital breathalyser section in the store section column to your left
Look at these digital breathalysers:
DA5000 if you want a direct display of BAC. otherwise ..
Alcodigital Platinum fuel cell breathalyser
If you need an evidential breathalyser for use in the workplace then look at the Draeger 6820 Home Office Approved Workplace Breathalyser

Question-Best digital breathalyzer for NHS clinics

In our experience the AL7000 digital breathalyser offers excellent value for money, with high reliability in daily use for NHS users.

Question-Best breathalyzer for HSE critical screening ?

Which are the best breathalysers for HSE critical alcohol screening ?
Single use Breath Alcohol Detectors 0.02% BAC (screen)
AlcoDigital Platinum Fuel Cell Breathalyser (screen)
Draeger fuel cell brethalyser (evidential)

Question -Best low cost breathalyzer for personal use ?

"I want a low cost breathalyser for occasional use, I don't need to pay for high accuracy digital electronics. What would you suggest ?
Consider the single use disposable Breath Alcohol testers £4.88 for a pack of 3 or if you are going to use it more often a DA5000 digital breathalyzer at under £50

Question -What are the breathalyzer readings legal limit for driving?

The legal limits are different for different types of driving licenses and also for differnet countries.

Below are the current UK limits (excluding Scotland which is now lower)
For vehicles operated on a normal driving license
Blood test - 80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres, 80mg/ml, 0.08 BAC, 0.8 Promille
Breath Test - 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath BrAC

For all professional drivers and operatives.

Under the new Railways Transportation Safety Bill the Government have now introduced new limits for those working in the Transport Industry. The new limit is just 0.02% - one quarter the UK Drink-Drive limit of 0.08% and the lowest detectable level possible allowing for the residual levels that can exist in anyone whether they've been drinking or not. The new rules also apply to Pilots, Cabin Crew, Air Traffic Controllers, Aircraft Engineers, Train Drivers, and Commercial Seamen.
Blood test - 20 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres, 20mg/ml, 0.02 BAC, 0.2 Promille
Breath test - 9 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath (BrAC)
More information on legal limits including Scotland and Europe

Question-How long does alcohol take to leave your system ?

How long does alcohol stay in your system depends on many factors including :
-how much alcohol was consumed
-whether the alcohol was consumed with food or on an empty stomach
-the body weight of the person cosuming the alcohol
-whether you are male or female (generally males process alcohol faster then females as their livers are usually larger)
-your age
-your metabolism including how effectively your liver enzymes process & clear alcohol
-whether you are a regular drinker or an occaisonal drinker
-the type and stength of the alcohol consumed
-how well your liver is working
-whether you are taking any medication
On average it takes the body about one hour to break down one unit of alcohol. However this can vary hugely from individual to individual depending on the above factors.
Digital breathalysers for sale

Question -What is the accuracy of the digital breathalyzers ?

This depends on the model of breathalyzer that you are looking at. The latest model digital breathalyzers that we sell are all highly accurate if used according to the manufacturers instructions. For example for a professional digital breathalyzer such as the Alcodigital Platinum Fuel Cell Digital Breathalyser the accuracy is ±0.005 %BAC

Question- Will the breathalyzers detect alcohol the morning after ?

If the alcohol levels in your blood are still at a level that can be detected by a breathalyzer test then the breathalyzer will detect this. The rate at which alcohol is cleared from the body after a heavy drinking session varies from individual to individual depending on body weight , sex , liver function, and whether the alcohol taken with food or not and many other factors. You may well find that you are over the legal limit the morning after a heavy drinking session the night before, even if you feel fine.
Digital breathalysers

Question- Which is the best cheap digital breathalyzer ? My budget is under £20

Have a look at the single use disposable breathalyzer kits at just £4.99 for a pack of 3 they offer excellent value for money. Our advise is dont waste your money on keychain or cheap digital breathalyser units. Expect to pay > £40 for reliability.

Question -Which is the best home breathalyzer ?

We received this question recently:'My teenagers have just passed their driving test & are borrowing the car. I want to make sure they are not drinking and driving when they are going out in the evenings. They have promised they won't but I know they are susceptible to peer pressure and I want to be sure. Which breathalyzer would you recommend ?'

Answer As they are young inexperienced drivers you probably want to operate a zero tolerance to drinking alcohol while driving in this situation. Look at the single use breath alcohol detectors. Select the zero tolerance sensitivity if you want them to abstain completely which would be our advice. Click here to see single use breath alcohol detectors. Alternatively any of the digital breathalyzers that we supply are suitable for screening in this situation. Knowing you are going to test them will help them to resist the peer pressure as they know they will lose their car privilege if they test positive.

Question-Which breathalyzer is the best for the money ?

We receive this breathalyzer question on an almost daily basis:.I am looking for a digital breathalyzer for my own personal use. I need it to be accurate & reliable, and I do not want to spend more than I need to. Which breathalyzer is the best for the money ?
Our answer: As the choice of breathalyzers for personal use has increased this has made choosing a breathalyzer more difficult for the consumer. In our opinion the latest model DA5000 digital breathalyzer still offers the best value for money for the following reasons:
-Excellent accuracy
-Reliable breath testing in regular use
-Excellent value for money at just over £40
-Clip in clip out changeable sensor module-means the breathalyzer does not need to be returned for servicing you simply order a new sensor which is simple to install.
-1 year warranty
-comes with presentation box, battery, user manual, 6 mouth pieces & carry case with strap.
-CE RoHs Certified

Question-How often should my digital breathalyser sensor be changed ?

This is a very common question that we are asked at least five times per week as many of the digital breathalysers now have clip in clip out sensors that you replace yourself. The advantage to this is that the breathalyser does not need to be sent back to a service centre for re-calibration.
Answer The current recomendations are that to maintain the accuracy of the readings, the sensor in your digital breathalyser should be replaced with a new one every 200 tests, or every 6 months if the breathalyser is not being used this much.
Replacement breathalyser sensors

Question-How should my breathalyser be stored and does it affect the accuracy ?

Answer: We are constantly astounded by the treatment some of our digital breathalysers receive. Many are stored in glove boxes of cars which is not ideal. The problem with storing the breathalyzer in the glovebox is the extremes of temperature that can be encountered inside the cars glove box. In winters the overnight temperature may be well below freezing and in summer the temperatures inside the car can be extremely high.
Ideally it is best not to store the breathalyser inside the car but to keep it in a bag or briefcase that you remove from the car , particularly at times of extreme cold of heat as the accuracy of the breathalyser can be affected if it is stored in extreme temperature variations.

Question-Which is the most accurate breathalyzer on the market in the UK ?

The most accurate breathalyser currently on the market in the UK is the Draeger evidential breathalysers which are similar to the ones the UK police use.

Question- Which is the most accurate personal breathalyzer you stock ?

The most accurate of the breathalyzers is the Alcodigital platinum fuel cell breathalyser. High accuracy and specificity for alcohol (±0.005 %BAC at 0.050 %BAC equivalent)

Question-Which is the best breathalyzer to buy for Scotland ?

The main thing to remember is if you are buying a breathalyser to use in Scotland make sure the alarm is set off to go off at the new lower limit in Scotland of 0.05% BAC or 50mg per 100ml BAC. If you are using a disposable breathalyser then you need to have a 0.05% BAC one for Scotland

Question-Can you buy accurate breathalyzers in the UK ?

This one is easy to answer. Yes the technolgy has moved on in the last few years, and there are now lots of affordable accurate breathalyzers to choose from, including the single use breathalyser kits, which are a great option, if you only want to test occasionally.

Question-Can you test for alcohol in urine ?

There is now a specific drug test kit for ETG the first line metabolite of ethanol making it possible to screen for alcohol use for up to 72 hours after ingestion.
ETG urine testing kits for alcohol

Question What's the difference between a standard and a professional breathalyser mouthpiece ?

Professional mouthpieces are longer and have a one way valve built in for greater accuracy. Standard breathalyser mouthpieces are a little shorter and have no valve. If you are buying mouthpieces for use with a breathalyser in a workplace or healthcare setting, opt for the professional breathalyser mouthpieces, as the one way valve prevents the subject being tested cheating, by sucking instead of blowing.
If you are buying mouthpieces for use with a personal breathalyser the standard breathalyser mouthpieces will be fine as you are unlikely to cheat yourself.

Question-What breathalyzer should I buy ?

The answer really depends on your requirements. If you have not found the answer in our breathalyser FAQ section above then give us a call on 01263 731 168 during our office hours or send us an e-mail and we will be happy to assist you.
Recommeneded digital breathalysers

Question-Where can I buy a breathalyzer ?

Breathalyser are widely avilable to buy online in the UK. You can also buy them in some Halfords stores.
Buy digital breathalysers online in UK

Question-How much can I drink and drive ?

There is no simple answer to this question and our advice would be that you should not drink and drive. Alcohol is processed differently by different individuals and any alcohol in your system will impair your driving ability. The best & safest thing on a night out is to have a designated driver who abstains from drinking alcohol completely or use public transport or a taxi to get you back from your night out. In our opinion the UK current drink drive limit is far too high at 0.08 %BAC and should be brought down to the Scottish limit of 0.05% BAC.
More information on drink drive levels & penalties

Are your professional mouthpieces compatable with the AL7000 breathalyser ?

Our professional uni-directional, our standard mouthpieces and our opaque soft plastic mouthpieces are all compatable with the AL7000 digital breathalyzer as well as the AL6000, DA5000, DA7000, AL6000i, DA8000, Alcomate, Alcomate Pro & Alcohawk Pro & ABI and Alcomate Prestige, CA2000 & AL5000 breathalysers. They are not comptaible with the Draeger 6820 breathalyser which has a specific mouthpiece, which we also stock.
Breathalyser mouthpieces including AL7000

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